Turkish Phrases and Vocabulary for Cold & Flu

In this lesson, we are going to learn common Turkish phrases and vocabulary for cold and flu.

When the winter comes or the weather starts to get colder, most of the people catch a cold. Catching a cold is common for everyone and to cover the essential phrases in Turkish will be very helpful to express yourself or understand other person’s health problems in Turkish.

Common Turkish Vocabulary for Cold and Flu

  • Grip : Flu
  • Gribe yakalanmak : To catch the flu
  • Grip olmak : to have the flu
  • Nezle / Üşütme : Cold
  • Üşütmek : To catch a cold
  • Nezle olmak: To have a cold ?
  • Hasta olmak : To get sick
  • Üşümek : To feel cold
  • Yüksek ateş : Fever
  • Ateşi olmak : To have a fever
  • Kusmak : To vomit
  • Tıkalı burun : Stuffy nose
  • Akan burun : A runny nose
  • Hapşırmak : To sneeze
  • Öksürmek : To cough
  • Midesi bulanmak : To feel nauseous
  • Vücut sıcaklığı : Body temperature
  • Bulaşıcı : Contagious

Common Turkish Phrases for Cold and Flu

Here is the most common Turkish phrases that are spoken in Turkish when someone catches a cold.

  • Hasta oluyorum.
  • I am getting sick.
  • Nezle oluyorum.
  • I am getting a cold.
  • Üşüttüm.
  • I have got a cold..
  • Nezleyim.
  • I have a cold.
  • Gribim.
  • I have the flu.
  • Gribe yakalandım.
  • I have caught the flu
  • Grip oldum.
  • I have got the flu.
  • Sanırım nezle oluyorum.
  • I think ı am getting a cold.
I have caught a cold in Turkish
  • Üşüyorum.
  • I feel cold.
  • Üşüdüm.
  • I am cold.
  • Bütün gün hapşırdım.
  • I have been sneezing all day.
  • Öksürüğüm var.
  • I have a cough.
  • Dünden beri öksürüyorum.
  • I have been coughing since yesterday.
  • Burun akıntım var.
  • I have a runny nose.
  • Burnum akıyor.
  • My nose is running.
  • Mide bulantım var.
  • I have a nausea.
i am feeling cold in Turkish language
  • Midem bulanıyor.
  • I feel nauseous.
  • Burnum tıkalı.
  • I have a stuffy nose.
  • Ateşim var.
  • I have a fever.
  • Vücut sıcaklığım yüksek.
  • My body temperature is high.
  • Bana bulaştırma !
  • Don’t get me sick !
  • Vücut sıcaklığım yüksek.
  • My body temperature is high.
  • Ateşim yükseldi.
  • My fever has gone up.
  • Terliyorum.
  • I am sweating.
  • Boğazım şiş.
  • My throat is swollen.
  • Boğazım şişti.
  • My throat has got swollen.
  • Terliyorum.
  • I am sweating.

We have covered the most common phrases that are used when someone catches a cold or flu in Turkish.

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