Talking about Injuries in Turkish

In this lesson , we are going to cover common injuries in Turkish. You may get injured while you are in Turkey. You may need to go to doctor or tell your friend how the accident happened. You will need to explain your injuries.

The doctors will wait from you to explain how you feel and where it hurts in your body. Additionally how the accident happened. Your explanations will be helpful for doctor to diagnose correctly your injuries.

Shortly, learning common injuries and being able to explain your injuries will be very helpful for you.

Common injuries in Turkish

  • Sakatlandım.
  • I got injured.
  • Sakatım.
  • I am injured.
  • Kendimi sakatladım.
  • I have injured myself.
  • Yaralarım var.
  • I have wounds
Talking about injuries in Turkish
  • Elim kırıldı.
  • My hand is broken.
  • Dizim burkuldu.
  • My knee is sprained.
  • Elim kırık.
  • My hand is broke.
  • Bacağım morardı.
  • My leg is bruised.
  • Dizim kanıyor.
  • My knee is bleeding.
  • Yaralarım var.
  • I have wounds
  • Canım acıyor.
  • It hurts.
  • Kolum ağrıyor.
  • My arm hurts.
  • Ağrım var.
  • ı have a pain.
  • Elimi incittim.
  • I have hurt my hand.
  • Bileğim şişti.
  • My wrist has swollen.
  • Kolum kanadı.
  • My arm bled.
  • Parmağım incindi.
  • My finger is hurt.
  • Ayaklarım ağrıyor.
  • My feet are sore.
  • Ayağıma ağırlık veremiyorum.
  • I can’t put weight on my
  • Ayaklarımın üzerinde duramıyorum.
  • I can’t stand on my feet
  • Zar zor yürüyorum.
  • I can hardly walk.
  • Yere düştüm.
  • I fell on a ground.
  • Dizimi kayaya çarptım.
  • I hit my knee on a rock.
  • Ellerimi kıpırdatamıyorum.
  • I can’t move my hands.
  • Ayağım kaydı.
  • I slipped.
  • Parmaklarımı hissetmiyorum.
  • I can’t feel my fingers.

This is the end of the lesson. I wish everyone good health. I would like that nobody needs these phrases to use in Turkish. However, that is life. Anything can happen.

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