Ways to say “ı am late” in Turkish

In this lesson, ı will try to cover the common phrases every Turkish learners needs to know about lateness.

In these days, we are mostly on the shortage on the time. Many people are late for their meetings, appointments, etc…

Therefore, Turkish learners should be able talk about being late or know common excuse phrases for being late to their meetings.

Shortly, Turkish learners need to express themselves for being late. This will be very helpful to make your busy life easier.

Let’s firstly have a look at what we are going to learn in this lesson.

Ways to say “I am late” in Turkish

There are many ways to say for being late in Turkish. You can choose below appropriate Turkish phrases that fits your situation.

  • Geç kaldım.
  • I am late.
  • Geciktim.
  • I am late.
  • Derse geç kaldım.
  • I am late for the class.
  • Geç kalıyorum.
  • I am running late.
  • Zamanım yok.
  • I have no time.
  • Vaktim kısıtlı
  • I am short on time.
  • Zamanım tükeniyor.
  • I am running out of time.
  • Fazla zamanım yok.
  • I have no much time.
  • Zaman yok.
  • There is no time.
  • Zamanım kalmadı.
  • I have no time left.
  • 10 dakika geç kaldım.
  • I am 10 minutes late.
Ways to say I am late in Turkish
  • Acelem var.
  • I am in a rush.
  • Acele etmem gerekiyor.
  • I need to hurry.
  • Otobüse yetişmem lazım.
  • I have to catch the bus.
  • We will catch up later.
  • Sonra görüşürüz.
Excuses for being late in Turkish

You can be late for some reason. This is the usual event of the life. You may need to explain the reason of being late.

Here is the most common excuses for being late in Turkish

  • Trafikte takılı kaldım.
  • I got stack in traffic.
  • Alarmım çalmadı.
  • My alarm did not go off.
  • Uyuyakaldım.
  • I overslept.
  • Otobüsü kaçırdım.
  • I missed the bus.
  • Durağı kaçırdım.
  • I missed the bus stop.
  • İş yerinde bir şey çıktı
  • Something came up at work.
Excuses for being late in Turkish
  • Cüzdanımı evde unuttum
  • I forgot my wallet at home.
  • Kayboldum.
  • I got lost.
  • Annem benden bir şey istedi.
  • My mom asked me for something.
  • Park yeri bulamadım.
  • I couldn’t find a parking spot.
Ways to sorry for Being Late in Turkish

You are late to your meeting. Everyone deserves an apologize for that. You should know the common ways to say sorry for being late in Turkish. At least , you can say it was not your intention to be late 🙂

  • Geç kaldığım için özür dilerim.
  • I am sorry for being late.
  • Zamanında gelemediğim için özür dilerim.
  • I apologize for not being on time.
  • Kusura bakma, biraz geç kaldım.
  • Sorry, ı am little late.
  • Beklettiğim içi özür dilerim.
  • I am sorry to keep you waiting. 
  • Seni bekletmek istemedim. Özür dilerim.
  • I didn’t mean to make you wait.
  • Umarım çok beklememişsindir.
  • ı hope you were not waiting too long.
  • Geciktiğim için kusura bakma.
  • I am sorry for being late.

This is the end for this lesson. You know the essential phrases to talk about lateness in Turkish.

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