Talking about Weight

In this lesson, you will learn Turkish vocabulary related with weight. Additionally, There will be useful phrases and sentences for talking about weight in Turkish.

We all care about our health and having average weight is important for the healthy body.

When we meet with someone, our first impressions comes from appearance. Therefore it will be very helpful to learn essential Turkish words and phrases will be very helpful for our daily conversations.

Kelimeler – Vocabulary

Here are the some common words related with weight in Turkish.

  • Kilolu : Overweight
  • Şişman : Fat
  • Zayıf : Thin
  • Kilo almak : to put on weight
  • Kilo vermek : to lose weight
  • Diyet : Diet
  • Diyete başlamak : to go on diet
  • Alışkanlık : Habit
  • Dikkat etmek : To take care
  • Sebze : Vegetable
  • Meyve : Fruit
  • Su : Water
  • Sağlık yararları : Health benefits
  • Protein kaynağı : Protein source
  • Öğün : Meal
  • Appearance : Dış görünüş
Asking weight in Turkish

Here you will find the commonly used Turkish sentences and phrases related with weight.

To ask someone what how much do you weight in Turkish you can ask given questions below.

  • Kaç kilosun ?
  • What is your weight? (Informal)
  • Kilonuz nedir ?
  • What is your weight? (Formal)
  • Kaç kilosun ?
  • How much do you weight ? (Formal)
  • kilo vermek istiyor musun?
  • Do you want to lose some weight?
Talking about weight in Turkish

Sometimes you will need to express your thoughts related with weight in Turkish. People talk a lot about their weights and appearance in Turkish.

Here are the mostly used phrases and sentences to express yourself related with weight in Turkish.

  • Ben çok kiloluyum.
  • I am very overweight.
  • Ben şişmanım.
  • I am fat.
  • Biraz kilo vermek istiyorum.
  • I want to lose some weight
  • kilolu muyum ?
  • Am ı overweight ?
  • Çok zayıfladım.
  • I lost a lot of weight.
  • Diyet yapıyorum.
  • I am on a diet.
  • Çok kilo aldım.
  • I have put on too much weight.
  • Diyete başlamam gerek.
  • I need to start a diet.
  • Sağlıklı beslenmem gerek.
  • I need to eat healthy.
  • Alışkanlıklarımda bazı değişiklikler yapmalıyım.
  • I should make some changes in my habits.
  • Diyet yapmak kolay değil.
  • Dieting is not easy.
  • Diyetime daha fazla sebze ekleyeceğim.
  • I am going to include more vegetables into my diet.
  • Sağlığıma, vücuduma ve dış görünüşüme dikkat etmeliyim.
  • ı should take care of my heathy, body and appearance.
  • Gün boyunca en az 2 litre su içmelisin.
  • You should drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day.
  • Daha az yemelisin.
  • You should eat less.
  • Yağlı yiyecekler tüketmekten kaçınmalısın.
  • You should avoid consuming fatty foods

We covered common words, sentences and phrases related with weigh in Turkish. If you have questions please feel free to ask.

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