TV series Vocabulary and Sentences

One of the reason for many Turkish language learners is Turkish series. Turkish series are very popular around the world.

Your Turkish language learning adventure may have started in this way too. Even it is not, Turkish series are part of our life especially on the winter nights. If you are interested into Turkish language and Turkish culture, Your Turkish learning path will also pass from Turkish series.

In Turkey, everyone asks each other which TV series are you watching in these days. W

I am sure you will want to give answer proudly in Turkish. Lets start firstly with the essential words to help you to talk about TV series in Turkish.

Kelimeler – Vocabulary

Below given words will be very common for the Turkish series topic. Firstly get used to them and then study the given examples. Here also one colorful flashcard for you too.

  • Türk dizisi : Turkish series
  • Yabancı dizi : Foreign series
  • Bölüm : Episode
  • Sezon : Season
  • Dizi : Series
  • En sevdiğin : Favorite
  • Gelecek bölüm : Next episode
  • İzlemek : To watch
  • Oyuncu : Actor
  • Hangi : Which
  • Ne zaman : When
  • Kim : Who
  • Oynamak : to play
  • Beğenmek : to like
  • Yorum : Review
  • Hakkında : About
  • Bitmek : to end
  • Alt yazı : Subtitle
  • Alt yazılı : With subtitle
  • Türkçe : Turkish
  • İngilizce : English
  • Komedi : Comedy
  • Macera : Adventure
  • Belgesel : Documentary
  • Recap : Özet
  • Yayınlamak : to release
  • İptal etmek : To cancel
  • Tanıtım videosu : Trailer
  • Final : Final
Talkin about Turkish TV Series

It is time to use the vocabulary shared above in the Turkish sentences. When you talk with your friend about Turkish series, you will need some common sentences and phrases.

Study the given sentences and practice with your Turkish friend by talking about TV series in Turkish

  • Türk dizisi izliyor musun ?
  • Do your watch Turkish series ?
  • Ben Türk dizisi izliyorum.
  • I watch Turkish series.
  • Hangi diziyi izliyorsun ?
  • Which series are you watching?
  • Ben Kuzey Güney izliyorum.
  • I am watching Kuzey Güney.
  • En sevdiğin Türk dizisi nedir?
  • What is your favorite Turkish series?
  • O hangi kanalda oynuyor?
  • What channel is that series playing on?
  • Gelecek bölüm ne zaman ?
  • When is the next episode?
  • Son bölümü izledin mi?
  • Have you watched the last episode.
  • Yasak elma’nın hiçbir bölümünü kaçırmam.
  • I don’t miss any episode of “Yasak Elma”
  • Ezel’i İngilizce alt yazılı izlemeye başladım.
  • I have started watching Ezer with English subtitles.
  • Dizi geçen hafta bitti.
  • The series finished last week.
  • Yabancı dizi izler misin?
  • Do you watch foreign series?
  • Kaçıncı bölümdesin ?
  • Which episode are you on?
  • Ben 2. sezondayım.
  • I am on season two
  • En sevdiğin Türk dizisi nedir?
  • What is your favorite Turkish series ?
  • Hangi Türk dizisini izliyorsun?
  • Which Turkish TV series are you watching?
  • Ne tür diziler seyredersin?
  • What type of TV shows do you watch ?
  • O dizide kim oynuyor?
  • Who does play on that series. ?
  • Geçen haftanın özetini izledin mi?
  • Have you watched the recap of the last week ?
  • Gelecek bölüm ne zaman yayınlanacak?
  • When will the next episode release?
  • Bu hafta dizi iptal edildi.
  • The show has been canceled this week.
  • Diziyi beğendin mi?
  • Did you like the series?
  • Bu diziyi beğenmedim.
  • I didn’t like this series.
  • Dizinin final bölümünün tanıtım videosu geçen ay yayınlandı.
  • Final episode of the series has been released last month.
  • Senin en sevdiğin oyuncu kimdir?
  • Who is your favorite actor ?

In this lesson, we cover the essential vocabulary and related sentences to talk about TV series in Turkish.

Please feel free to ask your questions related with the topic and share with us your favorite Turkish series and Why did you like it ?

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