A Love story – Bir aşk hikayesi

One of the most beautiful things in the life is Love. I think everyone is exposed to it once in their life time. Here ı prepared a simple love story in Turkish for people who have not tasted it yet. Turkish reading text is very easy for everyone.

Firstly you will find the Turkish vocabularies that text contain with their English equivalents. Then you will find the reading text both in Turkish and English.

Kelimeler – Vocabulary
  • İlk kez : First time
  • Görmek : To see
  • Tanışmak : To meet
  • İstemek : To want
  • Arkadaş olmak : To become friend
  • Buluşmak : To meet
  • Sohbet etmek : To chat
  • Sık : Often
  • Başlamak : To start
  • His : Feeling
  • İtiraf etmek : To confess
  • Sonunda : Finally
  • Görünmek : To seem
  • Karşılıklı : Mutual
Bir Aşk Hikayesi – A love story

Turkish – Türkçe

Onu ilk kez kütüphanede gördüm. Onunla tanışmak istedim. Biz arkadaş olduk. Onunla bir kafede buluştum ve sohbet ettik. Birbirimizi daha sık görmeye başladık. Sonunda hislerimi ona itiraf ettim. Hislerimiz karşılıklı görünüyor.

İngilizce – English

I saw her for the first time in the library. I wanted to meet her. We became friends. I met him in a cafe and we chatted. We started to seeing each other more often. I finally confessed my feelings to her. Our feelings seem mutual.

ı hope you enjoyed with the short Turkish love story while you make practice your Turkish and discover new words through the reading text.

Please feel free to ask your questions related with the topic and share with us your favorite Turkish series and Why did you like it ?

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