Turkish Conversation about health problems

In this conversation, two friends are talking with each other in Turkish. Father of one of them had serious surgery in Turkey. Friend is asking other to know how is the health of his friend’s father. This is the short Turkish conversation with lots of easy vocabulary.

This text will help you to improve your Turkish vocabulary knowledge and your Turkish reading comprehension.

Let’s firstly have a look at the words that passes in the text.

Kelimeler – Vocabulary
  • İyileşmek : To recover , heal
  • Daha iyi : Better
  • Muayene : Examination
  • Endişelenmek : To worry
  • Başarılı : Successful
  • Ameliyat : Surgery
  • Zaman almak : To take time
  • Her şey : Everything
  • Şimdilik : So far
Turkish Conversation

You should read the Turkish text carefully and compare the sentences with their English equivalents to understand the Structure of Turkish sentences and Turkish word order.

Türkçe – Turkish

  • A – Baban nasıl oldu?
  • B – O iyileşiyor ve bugün daha iyi.
  • A – Doktor muayeneden sonra ne dedi?
  • B – O ” Endişelenmeyi bırakabilirsiniz.”
  • B – Ameliyat başarılıydı.”
  • B – İyileşme biraz zaman alacak.”
  • B – ” O iyi olacak.” dedi.
  • B – Her şey iyi gidiyor.
  • A – Tekrar geçmiş olsun.

English – İngilizce

  • A – How is your father?
  • B – He is recovering and better today.
  • A – What did doctor say after the examination?
  • B – He said ” You can stop worrying.”
  • B – “Surgery was successful.”
  • B – “Recovery will take some time.”
  • B – He said ” He is going to be all-right.”
  • B – Everything is going well.
  • A – Again I hope he’ll get better soon.

I hope that this simple Turkish conversation will be helpful for your studies. Please feel free to ask your questions.

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