Please in Turkish : How to use it in daily Life

Please literally means “Lütfen” in Turkish. However, Similar to English, its meaning can change up to content.

Lets have a look at the together with the examples.

“Lütfen – Please” can be used Polite in Imperative Sentences / Requests

Lütfen dışarıda bekleyin!Please wait outside!
Lütfen içeri giriniz!Please come in!
Lütfen hemen doktoru arayınız.Please call the doctor immediately
Lütfen bana doğruyu söyle!Please say me the truth

“Lütfen” -“Please” can be used as answer to some questions.

-Su ister misiniz?
Lütfen .
– Would you like to have some water?
– Yes, please.
– Poşet ister misiniz?
– Evet lütfen.
– Would you like a bag ?
– Yes, please.

You can add ” Lütfen – Please ” after questions (only add please after a question if you are asking something specific from someone like from waitress or sellers )

Küçük bir döner, lütfen Small döner, Please
Bir çay, lütfenOne tea, Please

” Lütfen ” is used very often while you try to convince your friends who rejects your wish about something like activity, invitation or saying something.

Lütfen gidelim. Üzme beniPlease lets go. Do not make me upset
Lütfen, Lütfen, LütfenPlease, please, please (Type of begging to convince for something.)
Hadiii , söyle , lütfenCome on, tell me, please

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