“Good Night” in Turkish: Alternative ways to say

Good night literally means İyi Geceler in Turkish.

  • İyi geceler
  • Good night
İyi geceler

Ways to say Good Night – “İyi geceler” in Turkish

Here is the some other ways to say good night in Turkish.

  • Herkese iyi geceler
  • Good night everyone
Herkese iyi geceler.
  • İyi geceler arkadaşlar
  • Good night friends
İyi geceler arkadaşlar
  • İyi geceler, Kendinize iyi bakın
  • Good night and take care of yourself
İyi geceler, Kendinize iyi bakın
  • İyi geceler, Görüşürüz
  • Good night, see you later
İyi geceler, Görüşürüz

Good Night for your friends and love in Turkish

Most of the time, we say ” good night – iyi geceler” to people who are close to us. They can be our friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and family members

Similar to English , we can say ” good night” in Turkish by adding nicknames to “iyi geceler”. Here some nicknames and their uses with Good night in Turkish

  • İyi geceler aşkım!
  • Good night my love
İyi geceler aşkım!
  • İyi geceler sevgilim!
  • Good night my dear!
İyi geceler sevgilim.
  • İyi geceler tatlım
  • Good night sweetie
İyi geceler tatlım.
  • İyi geceler canım
  • Good night my dear
İyi geceler canım.
  • İyi geceler bir tanem.
  • Good night my only one
İyi geceler bir tanem.

3) You can also say before sleeping “iyi geceler” in Turkish. have a look at the below examples

  • İyi geceler, iyi uykular
  • Good night, have a nice sleep
İyi geceler, iyi uykular
  • iyi geceler , tatlı rüyalar
  • Good night, sweet dreams
İyi geceler, tatlı rüyalar
  • iyi geceler, Allah rahatlık versin.
  • Good night, good bless you (close translation)
İyi geceler, Allah rahatlık versin.
  • Hayırlı geceler
  • Good night (wishing to have peaceful and health night)
Hayırlı geceler

Like in English it can be used in many circumstances of the life. It ıs very common way of saying before going to bed or leave your friends, family members or partner.

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