Turkish Word order

In this lesson, ı will try to show you how is Turkish word order in most easy way. At the end of the lesson, you will be able to write or talk many sentences in Turkish.

I have also prepared some notes related with word order with colors word to word. It is suggested that you look at them as well. They are better for understanding how Turkish order works.

how to build a sentence in Turkish

1. Start with verb: Firstly you need a verb to start to build a sentence. later we will ask some questions to the verb and add suffixed related with tenses.

  • Ders çalışmak : to study

2. Choose the tense In this example, we will build sentence by using Present continuous tense.

Rule for Present continuous tense in Turkish, We add “-yor” after the root of verb.

  • ders çalışıyor. (He/She is studying.)

3. Personal suffix

To add the right suffix end of the verb, we need to know who is doing action. You can find it easily. if we ask to the verb “Kim – Who”, we can find who is doing action.

Lets say the answer is ” Sen – you” . Then right suffix would be possibilities would be “-sin, -sın -sun, -sün,”.

  • Ders çalışıyorsun. (You are studying.)

4. Adding extra information

We know ” you are studying”. However we can add extra information into the sentence. For example, we can add the location detail in the sentence. By asking ” Nerede – Where” to the verb, we can find where they are studying.

Nerede ? : Evde

if you want you can also add the personal pronoun at the start of the sentence. “Sen – you”

You are studying at home.

I hope this lesson would help you to build sentences easily in Turkish. Do not forget to study the images that is for you. There are more examples in with colorful pages.

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