Comparatives and Superlatives in Turkish

In our everyday life, we regularly compare things to communicate or describe our thoughts. To be able to describe ourselves better, it would be very helpful to learn comparatives and superlatives in Turkish language.

Comparatives in Turkish

To compare things in Turkish very easy. Here is the rules for comparatives in Turkish. Below it will be explained with an example.

  • More : Daha
  • Than : den / dan

Tips: To choose the right suffix (Than – Den , dan) follow the vowel harmony rule.

We simply add the more – daha before the adjectives.

  1. Emre hızlı. (Emre is fast)
  2. Emre daha hızlı. (Emre is faster)
  3. Emre Ali’den daha hızlı. (Emre is faster than Ali)
  1. Ev büyük. (House is big.)
  2. Ev daha büyük. (House is bigger.)
  3. Ev arabadan daha büyük. (House is bigger than car.)
  1. Türkçe zor. (Turkish is difficult.)
  2. Türkçe İngilizceden daha zordur. (Turkish is more difficult than English.)
More examples
  • Emre İsmail’den daha tembeldir.
  • Emre is lazier than İsmail.
  • İstanbul Ankara’dan daha kalabalıktır.
  • Istanbul is more crowded than Ankara.
  • Yaz kıştan daha sıcaktır.
  • Summer is hotter than winter.

Here ı have prepared some pictures to explain better the comparatives in Turkish language. It is highly suggested to study them.

Superlatives in Turkish

We all try to find the best for ourselves. To learn superlative can be best for you as well 🙂

Most : En

Tips: Simply add the En – Most before the adjective while building sentences in Turkish. Have a look at the below given examples.

  • Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ en yakışıklı aktördür.
  • Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is the most handsome actor.
  • Dünyanın en lezzetli yemekleri Türkiye’dedir.
  • The most delicious food in the world is in Turkey.
  • Bugatti en hızlı arabadır.
  • Bugatti is the fastest car.
  • En kolay ders Türkçedir.
  • The easiest course is Turkish.
  • Yılın en uzun günü 21 Aralıktır.
  • The longest day of the year is December 21.

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