Turkish Phrases and Idioms for Sadness

In this lesson, we are going to learn common Turkish phrases and idioms for sadness.

At the end of this lesson, you will learn common ways to express your sadness in Turkish.

Turkish Phrases to express your sadness

If you feel sad and your friends ask you “What is wrong” , you can give the answers below to express your sadness in Turkish.

Phrases for Sadness in Turkish

  • Keyifsiz hissediyorum.
  • I am feeling down.
  • Keyfim yok.
  • I am in a bad mood.
  • Canım sıkkın.
  • I feel blue.
  • Havamda değilim.
  • I am not in the mood.
  • Bugün biraz moralsizim.
  • I am little blue today.
  • Moralim bozuk.
  • I am down.
  • Biraz üzgünüm.
  • I am little sad.
  • Canım konuşmak istemiyor.
  • I don’t feel like talking.
How to ask your friend about his sadness

When you see your friend in a bad mood, Possibly you will need to ask is everything alright with him or not in Turkish.

Here is the common phrases you can tell your friends when you notice something wrong with your friend

Ways to Ask your friend is everything alright in Turkish;

  • Bugün konuşkan değilsin.
  • You are not talkative today ?
  • Her şey yolunda mı ?
  • Is everything alright ?
  • İyi misin ?
  • Are you good ?
  • Neden durgunsun ?
  • Why are you quiet ?
  • Canını ne sıkıyor ?
  • What is bothering you ?
  • Moralini ne bozdu ?
  • What has made you upset ?
  • Kötü bir şey mi oldu ?
  • Has something bad happened ?
  • Neyin var ?
  • What is wrong with you ?
  • Bugün konuşkan değilsin.
  • You are not talkative today.
  • Çok durgunsun.
  • You are so quiet.
  • Üzgün görünüyorsun.
  • You seem sad.
  • Canını sıkan ne ?
  • What is bothering you ?
  • Sorun ne ?
  • What is wrong ?
Are you okay? Turkish phrase

The given phrases will be enough to ask your friends about their sadness in Turkish.

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