Ramadan vocabulary with sentences

In this lesson, we will learn essential Ramadan vocabulary with example sentences. Ramadan starts in also in Turkey. During Ramadan, Turkish people will talk about a lot about Ramadan and its related topics.

This lesson will be very helpful to understand Turkish conversations related with Ramadan.

Let’s start with the vocabulary.

Vocabulary – Kelimeler

These Turkish words are essential for talking about Ramadan in Turkey.

  • İftar vakti : İftar time
  • Oruçlu : Fasting
  • Oruç tutmak : To fast
  • İftar yemeği : Iftar dinner
  • Oruç bozmak : To break fast
  • Ramazan bayramı : Ramadan feast
  • İftar yemeği daveti : Iftar dinner invitation
  • Sunrise : Gün doğumu
  • Sunset : Gün batımı
  • Namaz vakitleri : Prayer times
  • Oruç vakitleri : Fasting times

Cümleler – Sentences

Here is the related Turkish sentences with the Ramadan to be used in daily conversations.

  • Oruçlu musun?
  • Are you fasting.
  • Bugün oruçlu değilim.
  • I am not fasting Today.
  • Bugün oruçluyum.
  • I am fasting today.
  • Oruç tutar mısın?
  • Do you fast?
  • Ben her sene oruç tutarım.
  • I fast every year.
  • Ben oruç tutmuyorum.
  • I don’t fast.
  • İstanbul’da iftar vaktine ne kadar kaldı.
  • How long is it before iftar time in Istanbul?
  • İftara 5 saat var.
  • There are 5 hours until iftar.
  • İftar ne zaman?
  • When is the iftar?
  • İftar saat 19:30’da.
  • Iftar is at 19:30.
  • Orucunu bozdun mu?
  • Did you break your fast?
  • Türkiye’de Ramazan ne zaman başlıyor?
  • When does the Ramadan starts in Turkey?
  • Ramazan bayramı ne zaman?
  • When is the Ramadan feast?
  • İftar yemeğine davetliyim?
  • I am invited for Iftar dinner.
  • Bu akşam iftar yemeğine gelir misin?
  • Would you like to come to dinner tonight?
Ramadan Tımetable for Turkey

Because Fasting times are dependent on the sunrise and sunset, Iftar times are for each city is different. From the below link, you can follow the Ramadan Timetable for Turkey and different cities.

It is the official Ramadan table for Turkey. Here is the link

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