Hotel Vocabulary and Expressions in Turkish

In this lesson, we will learn some essential hotel vocabulary and expressions in Turkish. You will be able to book a room in Turkish and ask necessary questions you will need when you plan your staying in a Turkish hotel.

Making a Hotel Reservation in Turkish

Below you will see a short dialogue between guest and hotel receptionist.

Bir oda kiralamak istiyorum. I would like to book a room.
Kaç gece kalmak istersiniz?How many nights would you like to stay?
Beş gece kalacağım.I will stay 5 nights
Ne tür bir oda istersiniz?What kind of room would you like?
Çift kişilik bir oda istiyorum.I would like a double room.
Geceliği ne kadar?How much is it per night?
Gecelik 200TL200 TL per night
Kahvaltı dahil mi?Is breakfast included?
Useful Turkish hotel vocabulary

For a reason, if you stay in a hotel in Turkey, you will need some basic vocabulary for your necessities. Below you will find some common Turkish vocabulary related with hotel.

  • Tuvalet kağıdı : Toilet paper
  • Sabun : Soap
  • Çift kişilik yatak : Double room
  • Çift yataklı oda : Room with a twin bed
  • Tek kişilik oda : Single room
  • Oda numarası : Room number
  • Oda servisi : Room service
  • Yatak : Bed
  • Çarşaf : Sheet
  • Yastık : Pillow
  • Blanket : Yorgan / Battaniye
  • Havlu : Towel
  • Islak mendil : Wet wipes
  • Guest : Misafir
  • Klima : Air conditioner
  • Anahtar : Key
  • Kahvaltı : Breakfast
  • Yemek : Meal
  • Öğle yemeği : Lunch
  • Akşam yemeği : Dinner
  • Bavul : Luggage
  • Yüzme havuzu : Swimming pool
  • Bahçe : Garden
  • Çocuk oyun alanı : Children play area
  • Gecelik : Per night
  • Lüks : Luxury
  • Turist : Tourist
  • Turizm : Tourism
  • Touristic : Touristic
Useful Turkish Expressions for Staying at a Hotel

Expressions to have conservation in a hotel with the receptionist in Turkish.

  • Boş odanız var mı?
  • Do you have any rooms available?
  • Kahvaltı dahil mi?
  • İs breakfast included?
  • Otelde yüzme havuzu var mı?
  • Does the hotel have a swimming pool?
  • Otel denize yakın mı ?
  • Is the hotel near the sea?
  • Tek kişilik bir oda istiyorum.
  • I would lie a single room.
  • 4 gece kalmak istiyorum.
  • I would like to stay for four nights.
  • Geceliği ne kadar?
  • How much is the per night?
  • Kredi kartı kabul ediyor musunuz?
  • Do you accept credit card?
  • Otel şehir merkezine yakın mı?
  • Is hotel near to the city center ?
  • Bir gecelik bir oda istiyorum.
  • I’d like a room for 1 night.
  • Oda servisi var mı ?
  • Is there room service?
Turkish Vocabulary on Tourism, Travel and Attractions

Hotels can be in different places of a Country from Village to City. Here is the some Turkish expressions and Turkish vocabulary.

  • Nereye gitmek istersiniz?
  • Where would you like to go ?
  • Köye : to the Village
  • Dağ evine : To the mountain home
  • Sahile : To the beach
  • Lüks bir otele : To a luxurious hotel
  • Turistik bir şehre : To a touristic city
  • Tarihi bir yere : To a historical place:

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