Ending Relationships: Vocabulary and Expressions

In this post, you are going to learn common expressions and vocabulary related to ending relationships, divorce, and the process of getting a divorce in Turkish language.

Ending relationships : Common Expressions in Turkish

  • Biz ayrıyız.
  • We are separated.
  • Biz ayrıldık.
  • We broke up.
  • O beni terk etti.
  • She left me
  • O benden ayrıldı.
  • She broke up with me.
  • Biz boşanıyoruz.
  • We are getting divorce.
  • O beni boşadı.
  • She divorced me.
  • Biz boşandık.
  • We got divorce.
  • Artık görüşmüyoruz.
  • We don’t see each other any longer
  • İlişkimiz sona erdi.
  • Our relationship has ended.
  • İlişkimizi bitirmeye karar verdik.
  • We have decided to end our relationship.
  • Evliliğimiz bitti.
  • Our marriage is over.
  • Artık birlikte değiliz.
  • We are no longer together
  • Ayrı yollara gitmeye karar verdik.
  • We have decided to go separate ways.
  • İlişkimizi bitirdik.
  • We have ended our relationship.
  • Yollarımızı ayırdık.
  • We have split the ways.
  • Artık evli değiliz.
  • We are no longer married.
  • Biz ayrı evlerde yaşıyoruz.
  • We live in separate houses.
  • İlişkimizde problemler vardı.
  • There were problems in our relationship.

Get a divorced / Ending relationships in Turkish
Ending relationships : Common Turkish Vocabulary

  • Ayrı : Separate
  • Ayrılmak : To break up
  • Terk etmek : To leave
  • Birinden ayrılmak : To break up with someone
  • Boşanmak : To get divorce
  • Birisini boşamak : To divorce someone
  • Sona ermek / Bitirmek : To End
  • İlişki : Relationship
  • Evlilik : Marriage
  • Evli : Married
  • Birlikte : Together
  • Yolları ayırmak : To split the ways
  • Ayrı yollar : Separate ways

If someone is ending a relationship with someone, The above Turkish expressions and vocabulary are appropriate to be used in Turkish .

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