Sharp consonants in Turkish

While learning “to be” verb in Turkish with personal endings , Sharp consonants are tiny but, essential Turkish grammar topic for beginners. It is assumed that you have studied the lesson about verb “to be” in Turkish.

Below you will see a study paper. It summarizes the lesson . It is suggested that you also have a look at it while you solve the exercises.

Before we dive into directly lesson, ı should give you an brief information about sharp consonants in Turkish.

Firstly, lets have a look at a sentences with consonant changes and without.

Examples :

O masadır.O kitaptır.
Türkçe güzeldir.Türkçe basittir.
Alex üzgündür.Merve Türktür.

From the above examples or sentences in the image , you can see some letters are written in red.

These are the last letters of the words. In normal After the words in third singular person , we add appropriate personal endings (“-dir, -dır, -dur, -dür”).

Note : It ıs explained in the previous lessons how to choose the right personal ending by applying the vowel harmony rule. If you do not remember please go to the lesson affirmative statement.

However, in the examples you see that these personal endings turn into (“-tir, -tır, -tur, -tür”) . The reason is some words ends with some letters.

Rules for consonant changes:

It is very easy.

We know that appropriate personal endings for (“-dir, -dır, -dur, -dür”) .

Sharp consonants in Turkish
f, ç, t, k ,s, ş, h, p

If the word ‘s last letter is one of the sharp consonants , they turn into However, in the examples you see that these personal endings turn into (“-tir, -tır, -tur, -tür”) .

Here are the examples. Look at the letters are written in red color.

Ahmet Türktür.Ahmet is Turkish.
Bu bir zarftır. This is a letter.
O bir havuçtur. It is a carrot.
O büyük bir attır.It is a big horse.
Cevap yanlıştır. Answer is wrong.
Ensar ünlü bir cerrahtır.Ensar is a famous surgeon.
Bu yaralı bir kalptir.This is a broken heart.
Kalbim hassastır.My heart is sensitive.

Of course, there is a reason why there is consonant changes in Turkish. It helps to talk Turkish by spending less energy and fluently.

I guess you understand the consonant changes in Turkish. There is also a simple exercise about the lesson. It is highly suggested to take the test.

Consonant Changes – Turkish Grammar Exercises

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