Present Continuous Tense : Questions

In this Turkish grammar lesson, you will learn how to ask questions in Present continuous tense (Şimdiki zaman)

Before you move on the lesson, be sure that you have studied present continuous tense basics. İf you have not study yet, it is highly suggested to finish that lesson.

Remember: Question suffixes in Turkish ” mi, mı, mu, mü”

Asking questions in Present continuous tense

As you know, in Turkish we add suffixes to the words in many cases.

mi, mı, mu , mü ” are suffixes to make questions in Turkish. Appropriate one is chosen by following the vowel harmony rules.

However, you are lucky. To ask questions in present continuous tense , you use only “mu” suffix.

Turkish present continuous tense question sentences

You can also follow below rules to ask questions in present continuous tense

  1. Verb root
  2. add “-yor, -ıyor, -iyor, -uyor, -üyor
  3. Give a space after ” -yor”
  4. Add “mu” question suffix
  5. Add appropriate personal ending (-um,sun ……)
Örnek cümleler – Example sentences

Example sentences are also available in the image. For some , it can be easier to understand with colorful words and suffixes.

  • O beni düşünüyor mu?
  • (Is he thinking of me?)
  • Eğleniyor musun?
  • (Are you having fun?)
  • Geliyor musun?
  • (Are you coming?)
  • Bebek uyuyor mu?
  • (Is baby sleeping?)
  • Beni dinliyor musun?
  • (Are you listening to me?)
  • Bu yemeği yiyor musun?
  • (Are you eating this?)
  • Şu kalemi kullanıyor musun?
  • Are you using that pen?
  • Televizyonu izliyor musun?
  • Are you watching TV?
  • O ağlıyor mu?
  • Is she crying?
  • O çalışıyor mu?
  • Is he working?
  • Siz gülüyor musunuz?
  • Are you laughing?
  • Sen dinleniyor musun?
  • Are you resting?

Frequently used verbs in Turkish with pronunciation. Play the video for hearing the voice.


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