Asking questions with personal pronouns – Turkish Grammar

In this lesson, we will learn how to ask question with personal pronouns in Turkish grammar. It is assumed that you have studied the personal pronouns before you start to study this lesson.

As you know the previous lesson personal pronouns , When personal pronouns are used in Turkish, Personal endings are necessary to build a sentence in Turkish. İf you know all these to ask questions by using personal pronouns in Turkish is very easy.

We use personal question word “mı, mi, mu, mü”

How to make questions by using personal pronouns and “mı, mi, mu, mü” ?

Question words are placed before the personal ending of the sentence. For choosing the right question, again we use the vowel harmony that is the last vowel of the word before the endings.

Lets have a look at the examples. Firstly it is written positive sentences and next question words. This will help you to see how positive sentences can turn into question words.

  • Tips : Try to look at the vowel harmony as well how it is used.
Vowel harmonyQuestion word
a – ı
e – imi
u – omu
ü – ö

Sen evde misin? (Are you at home?)

Onlar hasta ? (Are they ill?)

Siz yorgun musunuz? (Are you tired?)

Here are the some examples to make it more clear.

Sen yorgunsun. (You are tired.)Sen yorgun musun? (Are you tired?)
O burada(dır). (She is here.) O burada (dır)? (Is she here? )
Siz tatildesiniz. (You are on vacation)Siz tatilde misiniz? (Are you on vacation?)
Onlar sevgili(dir). (They are couple.) Onlar sevgili mi(dir)? (Are they couple?

Below you will see the questions with answers.

Sen hasta sın? (Are you ill?)Evet, ben hastayım. (Yes, I am ill)
Ben güzel miyim? (Am ı beautiful?)Evet, sen güzelsin. (Yes, you are beautiful.)
O yakışıklı (dır)? (Is he cute?)Evet, o yakışıklı(dır). (He is cute.)
Biz sevgili miyiz? (Are we couple?)Evet, biz sevgiliyiz. (Yes, we are couple.)
Siz Türk sünüz? (Are you Turkish?)Evet, biz Türk’üz. (Yes, we are Turkish.)


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I hope that this lesson was easy for you. İf you have any questions related with Turkish, you can share it on the message part of the website.

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