Present Continuous Tense : Object questions

This is very important Turkish grammar lesson. Object questions are used very often in Turkish language. İt is better if it is explained with some examples to see how it works.

  • Sen çorba pişiriyorsun?
  • Are you cooking a soup ?

Assume you have entered the kitchen in your home. You have seen your mother is cooking something. But you are not sure what is she cooking.

You guessed that it is soup. To be sure, you need to ask your mother.

” Sen çorba mı pişiriyorsun”. Her answer can be ” Evet, ben çorba pişiriyorum. or Hayır, ben çorba pişirmiyorum.”

This is called object questions in Turkish. It helps you to confirm your question or help you to find the right object of your question.

How to build object questions in Turkish

If you have already studied the previous lessons related present continuous tense in Turkish, it will be very easy for you. You can also check the below picture.

Present Continuous tense object questions in Turkish
  • simply add the question suffix after the object to make object questions.
  • To choose the appropriate question suffix, you need the follow the rules of vowel harmony.

Look at examples given in the picture to understand better.

Question Suffix Turkish Grammar

Here are some extra example questions and their answers in Turkish with object questions.

  • Sen gazete mi okuyorsun. (Are you reading a newspaper?)
  • Hayır. Ben gazete okumuyorum. (No. I am not reading a newspaper.)
  • Sen eve mi gidiyorsun? (Are you going to school?)
  • Hayır. Ben okula gidiyorum. (No, ı am not going to school.)
  • Siz çay mı içiyorsunuz? (Are you drinking tea?)
  • Evet. Ben soğuk çay içiyorum. (Yes, I am drinking tea.)
  • Sen beni mi düşünüyorsun? (Do you think of me?)
  • Hayır, ben Türk yemeklerini düşünüyorum. (I’m thinking about Turkish food)
  • Orada yağmur mu yağıyor? (Is it raining there?)
  • Evet. Burada yağmur yağıyor. (Yes. It is raining here.)

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