Passive voice in Turkish

When you need a quick review related with passive voice in Turkish, you can have a look at the below grammar reference and example sentences.

Here is the common phrases that are used in passive voice in Turkish.

How to form Passive voice in Turkish

To form passive voice in Turkish, we add some suffixes after the verb root.

There are 3 different types of suffix to add after the verb root.

1) Verb root + ( n )

If the verb root ends in vowel , you will add nafter the verb root.

  • Yıkamak (to wash) → Yıka- + –n– → Yıkanmak (to be washed)
  • Temizlemek (to clean) → Temizle- + –n– → Temizlenmek (to be cleaned)
  • Okumak (to read) → Okun- + n– → Okunmak (to be read)
  • Çamaşırlar yıkan. ( The laundry was washed.)
  • Ev temizlendi. (The house was cleaned.)
  • Kitaplar okundu. (The books were read.)
2) Verb root + (” ın/in/un/ün “)

If the verb root ends in “l” , you will add ” ın/in/un/ün “ after the verb root.

  • Bulmak (to find) → Bul- + –un– → bulunmak (to be found)
  • Bölmek (to divide) → Böl- + –ün– → Bölünmek (to be divided)
  • Satın almak (to buy) → Satın al- + ın → Satın alınmak (to be bought)
  • Katılmak (To participate) → Katıl- + ın– → Katılınmak (to be participated)
  • Anahtar bulundu. ( The key was found.)
  • Kek dilimlere lündü. (The cake was divided into slices.)
  • Ev satın alın. (The house was bought.)
  • Yarışmaya katılındı. (The competition was participated)
3) Verb root + (” ıl/il/ul/ül “)

If the verb root ends in consonant , you will add ıl/il/ul/ül after the verb root.

  • Süpürmek (to sweep) → Süpür- + –ül– →Süpürülmek (to be swept)
  • Pişirmek (to cook) → Pişir- + –il– → Pişirilmek (to be cooked)
  • Çalışmak (to study) → Çalış- + ıl– →Çalışılmak (to be studied)
  • Onarmak (To repair) → Onar- + ıl– →Onarılmak (to be repaired)
  • Yerler süpürül. ( The floors were swept.)
  • Yemek pişirildi. (The food was cooked.)
  • Türkçe çalışıldı. (Turkish was studied.)
  • Fırın onarıldı. (The owen was repaired.)

Here is the the example sentences that are used in passive voice in Turkish.

Passive voice in Turkish
Passive voice in Turkish example sentences

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