Ways to Say None of Your Business in Turkish

We will explore different ways for Turkish learners to express the sentiment of “none of your business” gracefully and effectively.

Join us as we learn how to assert our personal boundaries and express them when needed, politely but firmly.

None of your business in Turkish
Alternative expressions

  • Bu seni alakadar etmez.
  • It is none of your business.
  • Bu seni ilgilendirmiyor.
  • It does not concern you.
  • Bu özel.
  • That is private.
  • Bu kişisel.
  • That is personal.
  • Bunu konuşmamayı tercih ederim.
  • I would rather not talk about that.
  • İşimden uzak dur.
  • Stay out of my business.
  • Benim işlerime burnunu sokma.
  • Don’t meddle in my affairs.
  • Burnunu benim işlerimden uzak tut.
  • Keep your nose out of my business.
  • Kendi sorunlarınla ilgilen.
  • Take care of your own problems.
  • Bunu kendime saklamayı tercih ederim.
  • I prefer to keep that to myself.
  • Bana karışma.
  • Don’t interfere with me.
  • Kendi işine bak.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Başkasının işlerine karışma.
  • Don’t get involved in someone else’s affairs.
  • Meraklı olma.
  • Don’t be nosy.
  • Özel hayatıma saygı göster.
  • Respect my privacy.
  • Kişisel meselelerimden uzak dur.
  • Keep out of my personal matters.
  • Çok meraklı olma.
  • Don’t be overly curious.
  • Bu kadar meraklı olmayı bırak.
  • Stop being so nosy.
  • Benim işlerime karışma.
  • Don’t interfere in my matters.
  • İşlerime müdahale etme.
  • Don’t intrude on my affairs.
  • İşime karışma.
  • Don’t get involved in my business.
  • Bu senin sorunun değil.
  • That’s not your problem.
  • Bu senin meselen değil.
  • This is not your concern.
  • Bu seninle ilgili değil.
  • You’re not involved in this.

In conclusion, by delving into alternative expressions for “none of your business” in Turkish, you’ve equipped yourself with a powerful tool for asserting boundaries in social interactions.

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