Turkish Tea – Vocabulary

In this lesson, firstly you will learn essential words related with Turkish tea. Then you will learn how to order a tea in a teashop in Turkish. Additionally, you will be able to talk about Turkish tea and its related vocabulary.

Turkish Tea and Vocabulary

Here you can find most essential vocabulary related with Turkish tea.

  • Çay : Tea
  • Türk çayı : Turkish tea
  • Siyah çay : Black tea
  • Türk siyah çayı : Turkish black tea
  • Çaydanlık : Teapot
  • Çay bardağı : Tea glass
  • Çay kaşığı : Teaspoon
  • Şeker : Sugar
  • Elma çayı : Apple tea
  • Kurabiye : Cookie
  • Kupa : mug
  • Su ısıtıcısı : Kettle
  • Çay demlemek : Brew the tea
  • Demlemek : To brew
  • Kaynatmak : to boil
  • Su kaynatmak : to boil water
  • Şekerli : Sugary
  • Şekersiz : Without sugar
  • Afiyet olsun : Bon appetit
Talking about Turkish tea

In this part, you will learn essential phrases and sentences to talk and conversate about Turkish tea. Giving order, how you prefer your tea or ask your friend if she or he would like to drink tea.

  • Bir çay istiyorum.
  • I want a tea.
  • Şekersiz bir çay istiyorum.
  • I want an tea without sugar.
  • Çay içer misiniz?
  • Would you like to drink tea?
  • Türk çayını beğeniyorum.
  • I like Turkish tea.
  • Günde kaç bardak çay içiyorsun?
  • How many cups of tea do you drink a day?
  • Çay kaşığı var mı ?
  • Do you have a teaspoon?
  • Şeker getirir misiniz?
  • Can you bring sugar?
  • Şeker kullanmıyorum.
  • I don’t use sugar.
  • Bir çay daha getirir misiniz?
  • Can you bring another tea?
  • Elma çayı alabilir miyim?
  • Can I have apple tea?
  • Çayı demliyorum.
  • I’m brewing the tea.
  • Çay demlendi?
  • Tea is brewed.
  • Çay hazır.
  • Tea is ready (For drink)
  • Çay demleyeceğim.
  • I will brew tea.
How to make Turkish tea

Learn how to make best Turkish tea. Here is the best recipe with secrets from Turkey.

You need a Çaydanlık Turkish tea pot for delicious Turkish tea. I assume that you have Turkish tea pot – Çaydanlık.


Fill the bottom part of the ÇaydanlıkTurkish tea pot with water and heat until boiling. It will be better if you continue to boil for two more minutes.


Take the upper part of the and add 2 spoon of Turkish black tea and fill it with boiled water. I assume you have previous experience how much water should it be added.


You took some boiled water from the bottom part. Add again some water from tap and heat until it boils again.


You should keep your eyes open. When it boils, you will bring the heat into lower level. In this level, boiling stops but keeps the warm of the water in constant degree.


Turkish tea is almost ready. Wait almost 15 minutes after the last step or you can check if Turkish tea is ready to be served or not. You can simply look at the upper part. If there is no any leaves are flowing on the top, Your Turkish tea is ready 🙂


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