Talking about Vacation

One of the reasons can be vacation before you start to learn Turkish. Here is the essential vocabulary and phrases for talking about vacation in Turkish.


Here is the some essential vocabulary for planning a vacation in Turkish.

  • Tatil : Vacation
  • Tatile gitmek : To go on vacation
  • İzin almak : To take time off
  • Tatil planı yapmak : To plan a vacation
  • Karar vermek : To decide
  • Seyahat etmek : To travel
  • Bitmek : To end
Example sentences

Some common questions and example sentences about talking about vacation in Turkish.

  • Bu yaz tatile gidecek misin?
  • Are you going on a vacation this summer?
  • Bu sene Türkiye’ye tatile gideceğim.
  • I will go on vacation to Turkey this year.
  • 2 hafta izin alacağım.
  • I will take 2 weeks off.
  • Sevgilim ile birlikte bir tatil planlıyorum.
  • I am planning a vacation with my girlfriend.
  • Nereye seyahat etmek istersin?
  • Where would you like to travel?
  • Henüz nereye gideceğimize karar vermedik.
  • We have not decided where to go yet.
  • Tatil için nereye seyahat edeceksin?
  • Where will you travel to for vacation?
  • Türkiye’ye tatil için Seyehat edeceğim.
  • I will travel to Turkish for a vacation.
  • Tatil ne zaman bitecek ?
  • When will your vacation end?
  • Tatilde nereye gittin ?
  • Where did you go on vacation?
  • Tatilin nasıldı ?
  • How was your vacation?
  • Uçakla mı seyahat edeceksin?
  • Will you travel by plane?
  • Tatilin ne zaman başlıyor?
  • When does your vacation start?

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