Blue evil eye – Nazar Boncuğu

Nazar boncuğu – Turkish Blue evil eye is One of the most common souvenirs for tourists who visit the Turkey.

Evil eye is a part of Turkish culture. Turkish people use Nazar related sentences in their daily life very often.

Nazar – Evil eye basically means envious look in Turkish. In Turkey, it is believed that people with malevolent glare can harm you. It can cause injuries and even death. This is the belief of evil eye in Turkey .

In this lesson, you will learn most common Turkish phrases related with evil eye – Nazar in Turkish lets start.

Essential vocabulary

Turkish people use below words very often in their life, when the topis is about the evil eye

  • Nazar boncuğu : Blue evil eye
  • Nazar boncuğu : Evil eye bracelet
  • Nazar : Evil eye
  • Nazar olmak : to be caught the evil eye
  • Birisini nazar etmek : To give someone the evil eye
  • Birisinin üzerinde nazar olmak : to have an evil eye on someoneNa
  • Birisinin nazarı değmek : to have got someone’s evil eye.
  • Birisine nazarla bakmak : to look at someone with an evil eye
  • Nazara karşı korunmak : to protect against the evil eye.
Common Phrases

Most of the Turkish people believes in Nazar – Evil eye and it is quite in the roots of Turkish culture and daily life.

If you talk to your Turkish friends about Nazar – Evil eye in Turkish, They will surely

Let’s learn how Turkish people build sentences with blue evil eye.

blue evil eye in Turkish

  • Sen nazar olmuşsun.
  • You have caught the evil eye.
  • Nazar oldum.
  • I have caught the evil eye.
  • O sana nazarla bakıyor.
  • He looks at you with the evil eye.
  • İş arkadaşım beni nazar etti.
  • My colleague has given me the evil eye.
  • Sende nazar var.
  • You have an evil eye on you.
  • Bende nazar var.
  • I have the evil eye.
  • Bana nazar değdi.
  • I have got the evil eye.
  • Bana onun nazarı değdi.
  • I have got his evil eye.
  • O beni nazar etti
  • He has given me the evil eye.
  • Bana nazar değdirdin.
  • You have given me the evil eye.
  • Üzerimde senin nazarın var.
  • You have the evil eye on me.
  • Üzerimde nazar var.
  • I have the evil eye on me.
  • Nazar değmesin.
  • Don’t let evil eye touch you
  • Kendini nazardan koru.
  • Protect yourself from the evil eye.
  • Kendini nazara karşı koru
  • Protect yourself against the evil eye.

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