Talking about weather in Turkish

Most of people check the weather news regularly. Talking about weather is also very smart way to start a conversation in any language. Talking about weather in Turkish will help you to plan your days while you are in Turkey for some reason. So, because we talk a lot about it in our daily lives , it is one of the essential in language learning path.

Essential vocabulary

Aşırı soğukExtremely cold
Aşırı sıcakExtremely hot
Parçalı bulutluPartly cloudy
Çok sıcakVery hot
Hafif yağmurluLight rain
Yoğun yağışHeavy rain
Sıfırın altındaUnder zero
Gök gürültülüThundery
Gök gürültüsüThunder
Hava durumuWeather forecast
Dondurucu soğukFreezing cold

Yağmur yağmakTo rain
Kar yağmakTo snow
Rüzgar esmekTo wind blow
Güneş açmakTo come sun out
Şimşek çakmakTo Lighten

Asking questions about Weather in Turkish

In this part of the lesson , you will find some useful sentences and phrases to start a conversation or to ask questions related weather in Turkish language. In the sentences, essential words will be used .

Yarın hava durumu nasıl?

How’s the weather tomorrow?

Dışarısı soğuk mu?

Is it cold outside?

Bugün yağmur yağacak mı?

Will it rain today?

Bugün hava yağışlı mı?

Is it rainy today?

Hava orada nasıl?

How is the weather there?

İstanbul’da hava nasıl?

How is the weather in Istanbul?

Bugün hava kaç derece?

What is the temperature today ?

Talking about the Weather in Turkish

After learning how to ask questions related with weather in Turkish, now we can learn how to respond to these given questions and describe the weather in Turkish.

Yarın yağışlı gözüküyor.

It looks rainy tomorrow.

Yarın hava güzel.

The weather is fine tomorrow.

Dışarısı soğuk değil.

It’s not cold outside.

Dışarısı çok sıcak.

It’s very hot outside.

Bugün yağmur yağmayacak.

It won’t rain today.

Bugün hava yağışlı değil.

It’s not rainy today.

Burada kar yağıyor.

It is snowing here.

Burası karlı.

It’s snowy here.

İstanbul’da hava çok rüzgarlı.

It is very windy in Istanbul.

Bugün hava sıfırın altında.

The weather is below zero today.

Yarın hava 30 derece.

It’s 30 degrees tomorrow.

Şu anki hava sıcaklığı 24 derece.

The current temperature is 24 degrees.

Weather in Turkey

We know how to talk about weather in Turkish. Some of you would like to know about weather in Turkey and its cities. National Turkey weather forecast has a excellent service for curious people about the weather.

Turkish state meteorological service also provides their services in English and German.

You can visit the in any language. In the below , you will find the link to the site.

Weather forecast in Turkish :

Exercises about weather in Turkish

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