Talking about family in Turkish

In this lesson, we will learn everything for talking about family in Turkish. Firstly, names of the family members in Turkish will be covered. Secondly, You will learn how to describe our relatives in Turkish.

Thirdly, there is a short text about describing your family members with translation. Finally, Some common questions to be used through conversation with your Turkish friends.

Of course, There is an easy test at the end of lesson. Do not forget to solve that ­čÖé

Family members in Turkish language

We share our best or worst moments of our life with our family. So, learning about family will cover our life’s most ways.

Anne : Mother

Annem benim en iyi arkada┼č─▒m.

My mom is my best friend.

Baba : Father

Babam bir ├Â─čretmen.

My father is a teacher

K─▒z karde┼č : Sister

Bir k─▒z karde┼čim var.

I have one sister

Erkek karde┼č : Brother

Erkek karde┼čim yok.

I have no brother.

Teyze : Aunt

Teyzem annemin k─▒z karde┼čidir.

My aunt is my mother’s sister.

Dede : Grandfather

Dedem hayatta de─čil.

My grandfather is not alive.

Ye─čen : Nephew

─░ki ye─čenim var.

I have two nephews.

Aile: Family

Ailemi ├žok seviyorum.

I love my family.

Anneanne : Grandmother

Anneannem hayatta.

My grandmother is alive.

Koca : Husband

├çok k─▒skan├ž bir kocam var.

I have a very jealous husband.

Kar─▒ : Wife

Kar─▒m ve ben ge├žen sene bo┼čand─▒k.

My wife and me divorced last year.

E┼č : Spouse

E┼čim ile iyi anla┼č─▒yorum.

I get on well with my wife.

Hala : Aunt

Halam─▒ ziyarete gidece─čim.

I’m going to visit my aunt.

Kay─▒npeder : Father-in-law

Bu hafta sonu kay─▒n pederimi ziyaret edece─čim.

I’m going to visit my father-in-law this weekend.

Kaynana : Mother-in-Law

Kaynanam ├žok konu┼čuyor.

My mother-in-law talks a lot.

Describing the Family members in Turkish

In this section of the lesson, we will learn how to describe our family members. For instance, Emre is the brother of Merve, ” Emre Merve’nin karde┼čidir”.

Additionally, Lets have a look at the ─▒mage. There is a family tree in the image. You will benefit from the image to find relation between members in Turkish.

Let’s start talking about family in Turkish

Ali Can─▒n dedesidir.

Ali is grandfather of Can.

Merve Adem‘in kar─▒s─▒d─▒r.

Merve is the wife of Adem.

Hakan Mervenin erkek karde┼čidir.

Hakan is the brother of Merve

Merve Adem‘in kar─▒s─▒d─▒r.

Merve is the wife of Adem.

Hakan Elif‘in kocas─▒d─▒r.

Hakan is the husband of Elif.

Hakan Ali’nin erkek ├žocu─čudur.

Ali is the son of Hakan.

Merve benim annemdir.

(Merve is my mother.)

Merve Mertin halas─▒d─▒r.

Merve is the aunt of Mert.

Ben ve Mert, biz kuzeniz.

Me and Mert, we are kuzeniz.)

Gizem Selinin torunudur.

Gizem is the granddaughter of Selin.

“My Family” reading

In this section, a short written text will help you talking about family in Turkish. Bu─člem is a Turkish girl and she will tell about her family in the given text.

Additionally, you can find the translation in the image of my family reading.

Merhaba! Benim ad─▒m Bu─člem.
Ben ailem ile birlikte k├╝├ž├╝k bir k├Âyde ya┼č─▒yorum.
Biz iki karde┼čiz.
Benim erkek karde┼čimin ad─▒ Ensar.
Benim annemin ad─▒ Merve.
O bir ev han─▒m─▒.
Babam─▒n ad─▒ Adem.
Babam bir fabrikada ├žal─▒┼č─▒yor.
Bizim bir de bir k├Âpe─čimiz var.
Onun ismi ├žorap.
Biz k├╝├ž├╝k ve mutlu bir aileyiz.
Hi! My name is Buglem.
I live in a small village with my family.
We are two siblings.
My brother’s name is Ensar.
My mother’s name is Merve.
She is housewife.
My father’s name is Adem.
My father works in a factory.
We also have a dog.
Its name is Çorap.
We are a small and happy family.
My family reading

Common Questions and answers about Family

There are some common questions and answers while you are talking about family in Turkish daily life.

In this part, you will see some common questions that Turkish people generally ask. Additionally, There is a image that covers the same topic. You can also study it.

Common Questions

  • Ailende ka├ž ki┼či var?

How many people are there in your family?

  • En sevdi─čin akraban kimdir.

Who is the relative you like most?

  • Pazar g├╝nleri aileniz ne yap─▒yor?

What does your family do on Sundays?

  • Ailenle mi ya┼č─▒yorsun?

Do you live with your family?

  • Ailenizdeki en ya┼čl─▒ ki┼či kimdir?

Who is the oldest person in your family?

  • Ailenizde ev i┼člerini kim yap─▒yor?

Who does the housework in your family?

  • Ailenizdeki en tembel ki┼či kimdir?

Who is the laziest person in your family?

  • Deden sa─č m─▒ ?

─░s your grandfather alive?

Common answers

  • Benim en sevdi─čim akrabam ye─čenim.

My favorite relative is my nephew.

  • Ailemde 4 ki┼či var.

There are 4 people in my family.

  • Biz pazar g├╝nleri pikni─če gidiyoruz.

We go on a picnic on Sundays.

  • Evet, ailem ile ya┼č─▒yorum.

Yes, I live with my family.

  • Ailemdeki en ya┼čl─▒ ki┼či babamd─▒r.

The oldest person in my family is my father.

  • Ev i┼člerini genellikle annem yap─▒yor.

My mother usually does the housework.

  • Bizim ailede en tembel ki┼či benim.

I am the laziest person in our family.

  • Dedem sa─č.

My grandfather is alive.

Exercises ” Talking about Family in Turkish”

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