English in Turkey: Is English Common in Turkey?

I want to start with some facts about Turkey and its English proficiency level. Instead of giving some scientific percentage about how common English is in Turkish, As a Turkish, ı will share objectively my thoughts and observations.

In Turkey, Everyone writes into their CVs their English level at least at elementary level :). However, reality is not like in the CV. The fluency rate in English is very low in Turkey.

However, Turkey is big country with 80 million citizen. West part and South part of Turkey is highly educated and During the year this parts of Turkey accepts millions of Tourists or Business related people from another countries.

As a summary of my text, I believe that English will be enough in Turkey for Tourists. Business related visitors will definitely have problem because companies they don’t accept workers who can not speak English in some extent.

At the end of the text, ı will share essential Turkish words and phrases for Tourists that covers all the needs for visitors.

How common is English in Turkey?

According to the reports, % 17 percent of Turkey can speak English in some extent and only small percentage can speak fluently.

However, Because most visitors visit the touristic areas and big cities, you will not have any problem with English in Turkey.

English in Touristic areas of Turkey

Of course, Turkey is very popular country in the world for holiday tourism with perfect climate in the Mediterranean coast. History and delicious Turkish kitchen attracts millions of Tourists every year.

As a result, Like İstanbul, other big cities or holiday destinations English is very common. Rural areas of Turkey and outside of the big cities have lower percentage of English proficiency.

Working in Turkey as English speaker

Turkey has lots of companies and factories. Turkey also export most to Europe. Additionally, Turkey has many international company and factories. Because of this reason, In every city of Turkey, Companies search for English speakers. İf second language is available as German or Chinese or Korean, It is advantage. Especially Chinese in Turkey is very demanding in Turkey together with English. Of course English is must.

Although companies search for english speaker workers, it is not easy for them to find people fluent in English. Most of the workers improve their English level in the time of working. They are not fully ready but no other chance for the companies as well.

As a result, ıf you are English speaker with a graduation from any faculty, ı think it will be very easy to find a job in Turkey

What if you don’t know any Turkish?

Possibly you heard about Turkish hospitality. This hospitality will never leave you alone even no one knows English around of you. In the rural areas of Turkey, They welcome foreigners more and show Turkish hospitality more. But like in everywhere in the world, Touristic areas are more related with business then culture. For better understanding the Turkey, ı would prefer to go where so less people knows English 🙂

Is Turkish easy to learn?

Turkish people are very talkative and outgoing. I see many tourists who comes to Turkey learn Turkish too fast than any language. Because Everyone possibly try to teach you something in your daily life.

So , Turkish in street could be learn more easily than classroom and so fast.

Essential Turkish words and phrases for Tourists and Beginners

I have prepared a list that contain essential Turkish words and phrases for tourists.

It covers everything when you are in Turkey as a Tourist or Turkish learner.

Go to Essential Turkish for Tourists and Beginners.

if you have any question related with topic, please ask in the comment section.

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