Demonstrative pronouns – Turkish Grammar

In this lesson, we will learn the demonstrative pronouns in Turkish Grammar. Demonstrative pronouns in English are this, that, these and those. Their equivalents in Turkish are bu, şu, bunlar and şunlar.

Lets start with the Turkish equivalents of Demonstrative pronouns in Turkish. Later There will be explanations and examples for each of the pronouns.

Demonstrative pronouns in Turkish
Demonstrative pronouns in Turkish

Bu – This in Turkish

Similar like in English, “Bu” means “this“. It points to the something specific noun that is near to other noun. In the examples, we will use it always at the beginning of the sentences. Because it takes the place of subject of the sentence.

  • Bu nedir?
  • Bu bir kitaptır. (This is a book.)
  • Bu kalem benim.
  • This pencil is mine.
  • Bu bardak senin değil.
  • This cup is not yours.
  • Bu araba pahalı.
  • This car is expensive.
  • Bu benim yeni elbisem.
  • This is my new clothes.
  • Bu senin mi?
  • Is this yours?
  • Bu kalem benim mi?
  • Is this phone mine?
  • Bu anahtar onun mu?
  • Is this key hers / his?
This and That in Turkish
This and That in Turkish

Şu – That in Turkish

That” means “Şu” in Turkish and it is another demonstrative pronouns in Turkish and it points to something specific noun. “Şu “ points to things far from each other.

  • Bu benim kalemim. Şu senin kalemin.
  • This is my pen. That is your pen.
  • Şu senin telefonun.
  • That is your phone.
  • Şu nedir?
  • What is that?
  • Şu senin mi?
  • İs that yours?
  • Şu kırmızı çanta senin mi?
  • Is that red bag yours?
  • Şu kalem benim.
  • That pen is mine.

Bunlar – These in Turkish

These” means “Bunlar” in Turkish. It ıs used  in place of nouns (Plural ) that are near to pointing noun.

  • Bunlar nedir?
  • What are these?
  • Bunlar benim elbiselerim.
  • These are my clothes.
  • Bunlar senin mi?
  • Are these yours?
  • Bunlar benim değil.
  • These are not mine.
  • Bunlar benim yeğenimin oyuncakları.
  • These are my nephew’s toys.
  • Bunlar benim.
  • These are mine.
  • Bunlar senin mi?
  • Are these yours ?
  • Bunlar onun.
  • These are hers / his

Demonstrative pronouns Exercises – Turkish Grammar

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